Hélèna Guillory

Aut. Osteopat

Fransk og engelsk (igang med dansk)

I’m Hélèna, a french osteopath D.O. MRODK and autorized from the Danish Patients Safety Authority. I’m graduated from the Osteopathic College of Bordeaux where I followed up a complete training in 5 years.


Osteopathy is an holistic approach of the functions of the body unit. Therefore, during my sessions, I’m working on all the body systems, with different types of osteopathic techniques that I adapt according to the patient.


Any pain is an indication for an osteopathic session: digestive problems, headaches, muscle pain, joint blockages, postnatal, and period pain.


I’m working on acute and chronic pain with the goal of finding the cause, reducing the symptoms and improving my patients quality of life.


I’m working on all types of patients from the baby to the elderly, and also pregnant woman and athletes.

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